What is SEO? What are some ways to accommodate advertising on your website and optimize it for SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is a systematic process of making a website become more search engine friendly as well as having the most relevant keywords for its market. This process if done correctly can yield a good amount of benefits such as having a higher amount of website traffic and response to your website. As a web designer it is also very important that you do everything necessary to make sure that the website is structured in the manner in which the search engines understand. In conclusion search engine optimization can give your website more traffic, increase sales, maximize the visibility of the brand or service and give you just the bit more competitive advantage needed.




Has responsive design changed the way designers make websites?

Today’s technology has dramatically changed from having phones, tablets and laptops all with different size screens and to keep up with the constant change web designers have had to come up with ways to make their design more accommodating for the different platforms.

There are many pros to responsive adaptive design one being that there is the same content regardless of the device being used. However adaptive web design can look completely different depending on the device due to breakpoints which leaves the webpage not being consistent.

There are ways that having different design and layouts for alternate devices can be beneficial. The changes between webpages based on screen size can be simple as making the buttons or icons made to be fitted to the correct size.

Some designs however don’t work on all devices and can come down to the design and layout of the design itself and how it cannot work at all on anything other than a desktop computer.



Under what circumstances should you use tables in web design? (How) Does this differ from how they have been used in the past?

From research I have found that tables are generally more complex documents when making a website and can be quite difficult to maintain. Not only are they this but they aren’t fluid and able to be flexible for different types of media, elements and functionality. Using a table as part of tabular data on the other hand is needed and the sensible choice as it is a universal concept. Tables are great for data as it doesn’t break and can change size according to the content but using a table as a website structure is outdated and shouldn’t be used anymore. The div based design of a website doesn’t require as much code as a table will and can be ordered with more specific tags that are easier to use and understand.

Overall the table is outdated for anything that doesn’t actually consist on tabulating data because it is harder to use and not as flexible for the designs that people want to see from website pages today.