Studio One – Week One – Blogs

Studio One Blogs

For the first week back to University it has been a quite busy but exciting one. With the first assignment for studio one due at the end of week two it is a quick handover which is preparing us for the industry. Although the time frame is quite short in the week so far I have managed to get a decent amount done inside of class and out. For assignment one the brief is to design a set of playing cards in the particular style of your choosing. I chose to do mine in the style of art deco as I found the style quite elegant and beautiful before even starting my research and idea process.

In my research process I looked on various websites for what exactly art deco means and found to it to be in the time of 1920s to 1930s. The art deco style was mostly found in architecture and objects rather than design in its time but has from the time been slowly integrated into design and art. The style is mostly known for its bold lines and geometric shapes with colours being prominent in metallic showing the look of luxury.

The colour srose goldcheme I originally was going to go with was the classic colours of black, gold, silver and white but after my research I found these to be overused in this style in many designs and so to take a more modern spin I was thinking to replace the metallic colours of gold and silver with rose gold. The colour will still be metallic and give that same effect but just give a slightly different edge as well as this colour is becoming more popular. In the example image the rose gold goes very well with the simple white background which will go with the original playing card colours making it easily recognizable.

border123Another object that inspired me to playing around with borders on the playing card was this image of overlapping squares on a door design. I was originally thinking of just going a simple one layer border but after seeing the overlapping squares it got me thinking that I could be overlapping different border styles to get something quite elaborate and amazing. After picking the right border to overlap with others the border did become really nice being simple in its design with the overlapping layers gives it a grand look to the playing card.

illThe biggest inspiration I got was from illustrations like this example. On Pinterest I found a Behance portfolio by Mads Berg which included all different simplistic outline illustrations they were very beautiful. For my design I wish to go outside my usual work which isn’t majorly illustration based and try making some like the ones I’ve researched. I am not sure however if they with be black and white, coloured or in rose gold but that a trial I can have after I’ve created them. These illustrations in particular don’t look as dated or old but modern and I think they will complement the rose gold and a younger audience very well.

Research also had to be done for what exactly is a bridge size playing card but after a look at the link we were given and it basically listed that the Card size is 57 x 89 mm with a 3 mm bleed the image safe area is 48 x 79 mm with a corner clearance of 13 x 25 mm.

In the week so far I’ve learnt about art deco but I’ve also managed to have a go at illustration and widen the style of my designs from what I would normally do. This will be an interesting process and I look forward to seeing what the final product I produce will look like.