Studio One Blogs

This week seeings as the assignment was going along smoothly I decided to look into out of college clients. In this process I proceeded to look online and contact various people who by observation needed some work done.

The types of work I was looking at were simple things like menus and logos in particular. I contacted about 10 maybe 15 different places but none unfortunately read or respond to me. This made me realise that freelancing was hard work as well as hard to keep up with. I think for myself freelancing isn’t a reliable source of work or income but it could be balanced with another job.

I really want to get into some freelance work when it comes to the end of the trimester and follow through to the holidays as it can keep my practicing and trying out new techniques as a designer.

My goal for the end of this trimester is to have at least one for of freelance work done and then grow from there for further work.

The glass had the gallery walk on Tuesday and I found it to be a mix of good and bad results. The good was about the feedback that helped the design but I found bad in some suggestions that were too obsered or I just knew they wouldn’t work. I put this mainly down to the fact that as a designer I know how things go in such a way where as this was public feedback so I understand that  they wouldn’t have the same knowledge as I do.

However I found this process new and exciting and look forward to any more of these gallery walks in the future.



Studio One Blogs

This week was purely based on starting all of the collateral and by planning ahead and getting the project plan done by Monday it gave the team and I time to get feedback as well as more time in our eyes for designing. By Wednesday I had already finished two pieces and on the way with another one and was finding once I got the design for one collateral it kind of flowed across all of the others. I am really happy with how the ones I have done so far have turned out because they look quite bright and colourful as well as being interesting. The pieces I have found that I have aren’t taking much of my time so I might start the style guide soon to get that underway seeing’s as I’m finishing things early. I also want to get as much as the group can possibly get done before class on Tuesday with the gallery walk. Feedback is so important and would be great if it could all be looked at rather than leaving it to later.

For next week I wish to be continuing on with the project and get as much as I can get done in the week and by the week have 90% of the project done and dusted.

Week Three – Project two – Studio one

Studio One Blogs

This week began with the idea pitch for project two. Picking an idea wasn’t difficult as I had already planned out a couple interesting ideas the week before which came in handy. The options were to either do the Hot air balloon festival, the mask festival in Venice or the La Tomatina festival in Spain. The group of three with Tara, Kalebh and myself chose to go with the tomato festival.

We came up with a pitch on the first lesson ready for the presentation the next day. The pitch went pretty well and we received a lot of useful feedback that will help is when designing the collateral etc. 

After the pitch day was over we allocated each other what tasks in the project plan we were all going to do as this was due on Monday to make more time for designing. The tasks were evenly distributed and the project plan was underway. 

By Tuesday this week I wish to be starting the design process of the logo, A3 poster and the brochure to ensure we keep on track with the whole project.

Studio One – Week Two – Blogs

Studio One Blogs

This week was all focused on finishing the playing cards, making the style guide and completing the rationale before the handover on Friday. Many hours was put into finishing the playing cards and achieving the look I was going for. By Wednesday afternoon all of the playing cards were finished and were all packaged ready for submission. I then went on to start the style guide. I kept the style of the guide to be simple and used an art deco font to lay out the entire design. The style guide covered topics such as the fonts used, colour pallet, illustrations used and what each playing card involved in the design.

After finishing this I went on to explain my design choices in the rationale. I went on to say that most of my choices were made upon my original ideas I had visioned as well as my inspiration made some choices obvious.

Overall project one was a quick handover but I managed my time wisely and used any spare time before or after class to get bits and pieces done. The amount asked to complete for this assignment was a decent amount and I was able to complete everything one day before submission. Everything turned out the way I planned and I’m happy with the end result.

Today I am having a look at the second project and researching all different cultural festivals around the world. So far the two most interesting ones to me are carnival in RIO and the mask festival in Venice. These both involve the use of fancy costumes and dressing up so I think these would be very cool to make collateral and posters for. Well that’s all for this week and by next week I wish to be starting to make the actual product for the project and be on track for next submission.