Week 10 – Studio One – Blogs

Studio One Blogs

This week was a bit of a struggle and it seems stupid to say it but it was because i lacked internet. I didn’t let this get to me though so i organised to gather as much imagery, article text etc when i was at uni so when i was at home without internet i could make the spreads there. This still became quite difficult when i wanted some inspiration, a new image or even a bit more text but i just worked with what i had. Without the internet though i have noticed that i have had a ridiculous amount of free time and seemed to get through work very quickly. For the rest of the week i collated images and articles to then take home and make the magazine with and it was very easy.

After Wednesday night i had finished the spreads which i had content for so i just tried some alternatives to the ones i made and some actually turned out nicer than what i had originally. So after i had finished my uni work i could do i started working on a project i am doing for my family and i. So my family and i have recently just moved house and so everything is so bare and boring at the moment. But this is great because i have made so pieces of art before mostly patterns and geometric shaped stuff but they seem to turn out really nice when framed. So i am making a couple pieces from some other pieces I’ve seen around in the shops and plan to display them around.

This is one i made for a friend of mine that was redecorating her room and she just requested the colours and shapes and this is what i came up with.


These are the ones i am working on right now. I trying to make something overlapping but also having a perspective look. There is no colours yet but i’m thinking of having some nice charcoal blue type colours. I know they’re not perfect yet and i’m not quite happy with them but i’m going to work on them only in the spare time i have so i’m in no hurry to have them finished.


And that was it for this week.


Week 9 – studio one – blog post

Studio One Blogs

This week was all about getting ready for the gallery walk on Tuesday as well as working with the feedback that was given. For the gallery walk Debs and I had the imagery we were going to use, colour scheme, fonts and a logo.

The feedback that was given was very helpful as it ressured us that the type of style we were going for and the chosen aspects fitted perfectly. The final colour scheme was chosen and it included a dark forest green, a light blue, a maroon pink colour and a cream colour. These all went together very well with the imagery and was why we chose them.  

There wasn’t any negative feedback after this process other than some suggestions of what you can add to particular aspects. After the gallery walk we worked on getting one basic articles together. I chose to do one that focussed on a natural lake in a national park hitch involved a lot of beautiful imagery. 

For the rest of the week I tried different layouts with the same text/ images to see what works the best. The rest of the week didn’t involve more work than that due to lack or Internet however I managed to try some layout which I can add some text / images into to make it a little easier when I have resources. 

So that is it for this week…

Studio One – Digital Publication – Blog

Studio One Blogs

Monday this week was focused on skill building with being introduced to the digital publishing section of InDesign. Before being shown I was a bit uneasy about how exactly we are supposed to make the digital publication and how hard it was actually going to be. From the introduction and having a play with it myself it doesn’t look to be too hard however I fell making the real publication will teach me how everything works.

Tuesday was a much easier day as I was just finishing the Gantt chart and fixing up a couple things in the project plan which just left the task of putting all the work together to upload. Finishing the project plan early was a good idea because it left the group to have plenty of time to work on the style guide for the gallery walk on Tuesday next week. After the project plan was finished I started looking at the types of colours, type styles and images with Debs to just give an idea of what we wanted to put in the style guide.

cloudsWednesday was focused on collaborating with the animators however it was quite pointless for our group because we had nothing for Tas to do. Debs and I added him to our slack group and showed a couple images that he could add some animation to and that was it for him. Here are some images that show the animation we asked him to do. Small things like clouds, birds and stars are the main animation we were looking at. Debs and I started putting together our style guide with the images, font types, the logo, the brand identity and animation. From just putting all of these aspects together in the document really showed the entire style and it looked really beautiful.

The rest of the week I worked on having another go in the digital publishing section of InDesign. The designs were nothing major just trying some different things seeing what works and what doesn’t. I have come to like making a digital Publication to a normal magazine spread however I do prefer the layout of a traditional magazine. Another thing I worked on was finding some articles for the magazine that would go together as I don’t really want too many mix matching topics. I also found a website that features amazing photography which will also come in handy.

The colours that I was looking at were ones that had a cool grey and blue tone to them with no real focal colour but shades of the same colour. The ones that Debs and I seemed to like were blues and greens which is keeping with the nature, outdoors, forest look. Here are some of the types of images we were thinking would suit the magazine very well. They’re all beautiful and have the raw photography look which will match perfectly.


This week I plan to get the start of the home page and contents page begun in order to start the framework of the magazine as well as outline what articles will go across how many pages and which articles go together.



123This week was definitely a quick one. With a new project to start on Monday and a pitch on Tuesday time wasn’t anyone best aspect. However everyone including myself were able to step up to the plate and take on the project.

The project that I originally had come up with was to design a magazine that acts as a reviewing platform for moving and book comparisons. This wasn’t just held to books and movies though but all he type of similar content could be included. I thought that this idea would be great because there is a large community around books and movies now more than ever which could mean more content for my magazine as well as a larger viewing audience.

The inspiration for the design I was going for was based on modern, sleek and clean look. This would include white as the main background colour as well as bright but also tamed colours that wouldn’t over throw the design.

Even though my idea wasn’t one of the ones to be put forward for the project it would still be cool to see how it would turn out so I might have a go and try making it myself in the holidays or something like that.

For the final project that I am doing it’s a travel and blog type style of publication. This idea is a very pretty, simple and rustic look to it but still keeping the design clean. I think that this project is a great choice for me because I really like the style and I know I can do a good job with it.

On Wednesday we started the project plan and divided that up between the two of us. There is a lot to do in the plan but after already making two of them it isn’t hard anymore. So far I’ve done most of the task required of me just leaving me to make the physical Gantt chart which is a hefty task but somebody has to do it.

This whole project is very exciting for me as I love doing magazines and this time I get to try something new and make it digitally available. So I look forward to the coming weeks and seeing how everything turns out.

Studio One_Blog_Project two


This week was the last week of project two of studio one. The project went smoothly this week with there being no problems and everything just going together so well. I was very happy with the end results and how I wasn’t expecting it but everything blended so well.

The start of the week was very assignment based with the realisation it was due on that Friday coming nearer. But after going through what was already done and what wasn’t the list of stuff still to do wasn’t long at all which was a relief. The group quickly worked on what was left and by the end of Wednesday all of it was finished and was ready for a final look over.

The next project is going to be the digital magazine which I am quite excited for. I find that magazines are really easy for me to do, especially when it’s about something I’m interested in. I’m not sure what the magazine for this project will be but I want it to be something different from the Frankie magazine I did last time. Something very interesting would be great but this does also depend on what the people in my group would enjoy. Overall I am extremely excited for the next project and I can’t wait to start.