Studio One_Blog_Project two


This week was the last week of project two of studio one. The project went smoothly this week with there being no problems and everything just going together so well. I was very happy with the end results and how I wasn’t expecting it but everything blended so well.

The start of the week was very assignment based with the realisation it was due on that Friday coming nearer. But after going through what was already done and what wasn’t the list of stuff still to do wasn’t long at all which was a relief. The group quickly worked on what was left and by the end of Wednesday all of it was finished and was ready for a final look over.

The next project is going to be the digital magazine which I am quite excited for. I find that magazines are really easy for me to do, especially when it’s about something I’m interested in. I’m not sure what the magazine for this project will be but I want it to be something different from the Frankie magazine I did last time. Something very interesting would be great but this does also depend on what the people in my group would enjoy. Overall I am extremely excited for the next project and I can’t wait to start.


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