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Monday this week was focused on skill building with being introduced to the digital publishing section of InDesign. Before being shown I was a bit uneasy about how exactly we are supposed to make the digital publication and how hard it was actually going to be. From the introduction and having a play with it myself it doesn’t look to be too hard however I fell making the real publication will teach me how everything works.

Tuesday was a much easier day as I was just finishing the Gantt chart and fixing up a couple things in the project plan which just left the task of putting all the work together to upload. Finishing the project plan early was a good idea because it left the group to have plenty of time to work on the style guide for the gallery walk on Tuesday next week. After the project plan was finished I started looking at the types of colours, type styles and images with Debs to just give an idea of what we wanted to put in the style guide.

cloudsWednesday was focused on collaborating with the animators however it was quite pointless for our group because we had nothing for Tas to do. Debs and I added him to our slack group and showed a couple images that he could add some animation to and that was it for him. Here are some images that show the animation we asked him to do. Small things like clouds, birds and stars are the main animation we were looking at. Debs and I started putting together our style guide with the images, font types, the logo, the brand identity and animation. From just putting all of these aspects together in the document really showed the entire style and it looked really beautiful.

The rest of the week I worked on having another go in the digital publishing section of InDesign. The designs were nothing major just trying some different things seeing what works and what doesn’t. I have come to like making a digital Publication to a normal magazine spread however I do prefer the layout of a traditional magazine. Another thing I worked on was finding some articles for the magazine that would go together as I don’t really want too many mix matching topics. I also found a website that features amazing photography which will also come in handy.

The colours that I was looking at were ones that had a cool grey and blue tone to them with no real focal colour but shades of the same colour. The ones that Debs and I seemed to like were blues and greens which is keeping with the nature, outdoors, forest look. Here are some of the types of images we were thinking would suit the magazine very well. They’re all beautiful and have the raw photography look which will match perfectly.


This week I plan to get the start of the home page and contents page begun in order to start the framework of the magazine as well as outline what articles will go across how many pages and which articles go together.


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