Week 9 – studio one – blog post

Studio One Blogs

This week was all about getting ready for the gallery walk on Tuesday as well as working with the feedback that was given. For the gallery walk Debs and I had the imagery we were going to use, colour scheme, fonts and a logo.

The feedback that was given was very helpful as it ressured us that the type of style we were going for and the chosen aspects fitted perfectly. The final colour scheme was chosen and it included a dark forest green, a light blue, a maroon pink colour and a cream colour. These all went together very well with the imagery and was why we chose them.  

There wasn’t any negative feedback after this process other than some suggestions of what you can add to particular aspects. After the gallery walk we worked on getting one basic articles together. I chose to do one that focussed on a natural lake in a national park hitch involved a lot of beautiful imagery. 

For the rest of the week I tried different layouts with the same text/ images to see what works the best. The rest of the week didn’t involve more work than that due to lack or Internet however I managed to try some layout which I can add some text / images into to make it a little easier when I have resources. 

So that is it for this week…


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