Week 11-studio one-blogs


This week was focussed on getting feedback from the gallery walk on Monday. In total debs and I had around eight articles ready to be viewed. The feedback was very helpful as it was mainly small errors and the kind of stuff you don’t pick up on a quick look over it. Everyone seemed to like how it turned out with allot of gratification on image choices, the layout style and the simplicity of the entire design. Overall I think this process was more successful than the previous gallery walk as it gave us things to work on. Whereas before it was more about saying what everyone liked but not so much about what they didn’t like.    
 The rest of the week was about fixing what needed to be fixed as well as finishing the articles. Since then we’ve both finished our five articles each and debs has started to collate these together. This week were just going to go through the magazine double check everything is looking good etc which means we are almost done and ready for submission on Wednesday.