LO5 – Scrum Methodology Research


In other projects I have been one to stick with the same methodology which is modified waterfall however with this project scrum was chosen. As I haven’t used this methodology before I have given myself the task of externally researching to understand what is need to be successful in this method.

Scrum is the methodology that can be applied to a project and its main sources of project is most frequently software development. This methodology is focused around the rapid change of events and requirements and it is what makes it so successful. The scrum process is developed through a series of events that are called sprints. These sprints begin with a brief stage of planning meeting and concludes with a review of the sprint. This is what it is to get a basic understanding of the process however the methodology of scrum can be so much more.

What does the sprint involve?

The scrum methodology suggests the use of sprints which advocates for the panning of meetings before the beginning of the sprint. This where the team members figure out the amount of work they can commit to and make a sprint backlog which is basically just a list of tasks.

Throughout the sprint it is an important process of testing the features in order to get an accurate idea of how the product is going. This test can be incorporated with the daily sprint meetings which are to be held in order to get caught up with the project in general. These meetings allow members to share what they have worked on and they don’t take a lot of time only about 15 minutes.


What is the most important aspect?

The product backlog is an aspect of the scrum methodology that is very important. It lists all of the tasks needed to be completed and in this process it prioritises the backlog for the most valuable first. Without this backlog there would be no organisation of tasks and would affect the project immensely.

What are the main roles?

ScrumMaster is a term that can be seen throughout the methodology of scrum. The ScrumMaster is basically the coach of the team and helps organise the project. The ScrumMaster works by maintaining the focus of the team members on the task at hand during the sprints. A good ScrumMaster works by making sure everything is at the best it can be whilst still allowing the product owner to direct the team to the right product they want.

Another role in the Scrum methodology is the scrum team itself. These are all individuals that don’t get given specifically specific roles but involves helping each other out wherever they can on any task.

Overall the scrum methodology is an interesting way to get tasks done at a fast pace but also still maintaining the same quality as another other project methodology could.


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