LO5 and LO8 – Using The Scrum Methodology


For The West End Festival the group chose to use the methodology of Scrum. After this was chosen I decided to do some research on the methodology as I had never used this particular one before and others have. Here is the link to the blog where I wrote about all the research I did on the methodology https://taylahpaper.wordpress.com/2016/04/28/lo5-scrum-methodology-research/

As I stated we are using this methodology for The West End Festival and so we have incorporated this project method within the project. The scrum process is based around the use of having sprints, a project backlog and creative freedom through tasks. The project backlog was created and we have placed it on google drive which allows everyone to see what tasks are required in this sprint as well as for the future. I found having this backlog very useful because I can see all the tasks that everyone has done as well as who needs to do more etc. With this topic in hand there is also a creative freedom with tasks within the method of scrum. This allows anyone to have a go and do whatever they can on a task which means someone could originally have a task and then could be taken over by another member.

The sprints were something that I found very useful in this project. On the first week of having this project there were a number of tasks due and we weren’t sure how in fact we would be able to finish them. We sprinted in this week which involved understanding the brief with the client and group, organised the task required and got started.

Within the group communication has been very efficient. We have daily chats/meetings about what has been completed and what needs still to be done. With this as well we consult the client with emails which we receive feedback from. With receiving feedback we consult each other on this and continue working to move forward with the project.

Personal scheduling has been used in this project with each of us using this area to take note of what time we have free as well as the time we don’t. I have found the schedules very useful as I’ve been able to track and organised my time a lot better. Overall the group has been on top of keeping these organised and up to date.

Overall the scrum methodology had really worked with this project as what we needed was to just get the content out ready for feedback. This method allowed us to do this and is why the process has been quite successful.


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