Die Cut Business Card Examples


Example One – Movie Ticket Die cut

I really enjoy how the business cards are not in the traditional shape or style as they have used the old movie ticket style to boost the persons skills.


Example Two – Food Company

I love the die cut in this business card because it gives a fun interactive side to the card where you can pop the cutlery out of the card but still keeping the information of a normal business card.


Example Three – Skateboard

This business card is nothing but eye catching and definitely hitting its target market with a unique business card. The card features its product in a new and inviting way that goes away from the traditional shape.


Example Four – Hairdresser

This business card is very unique with the slips that go into the die cut business cards. This allows the company to have a new and exiting business card colour when they want inside the slips.


Example Five – Wood texture

I love the use of the wood texture being embossed onto this business card and the die cut just ads to the design perfectly. It allows the texture to be across the entire card without having text blocking it. The windows of the die cut also allows the card to seem lighter as it is quite heavy with the darker colours.


Example Six – Shape die cut

I enjoy the use of a simple shape to take up the space of the business card. Its a visual point to look at to make the business card stand out as well as keeping the card practical to use.


Example Seven – Image based die cut

I enjoy how they have used an image as the shape of the business card and to make sure there is enough room for details it has been made into a flip open card making it practical.


Example Eight – Pattern die cut

I enjoy how beautiful the pattern is in this design and admire how they have included the bar across for details which allows the card to be very practical.


Example Nine – Shape die cut

I really enjoy how they have used their monogram as the die cut in this design. In my business cards i also feature a plus icon in the name and would wan that to be the same as in this design. In mine however i might want a colour slip underneath as my design is very much nature driven with nice natural colours.


Example Ten – Tennis ball shaped business card

I really enjoy how this business card is cut to the shape of the business which is tennis. It unique and different to the ordinary to make the business stand out.



Learning Contract – Cross Disciplinary


This document can be used to negotiate how Learning Outcomes may be met in ways not directly specified in the curriculum.


Type of Learning Contract 
Specific Deliverable


This type of learning contract involves working towards a specific end goal. Often the iterative steps are dictated by the type of end goal. For example, an audio project would require recording, mixing and mastering as iterative steps before achieving the end goal.

This project involves me to discuss the particular idea in mind with the client. This will allow the best result for the client with all of their needs be brought to life.


Details of the Project
The project that I am working on is for a web design student at SAE and it is to create a logo for their next assessment. The design is for a security website that is being created and is a key part to the look of the design. In the design of the logo key factors were needed to be taken into consideration due the client wanting it to have hexagons incorporated as well as the type face cubic and the colours blue and grey.

Another important factor of this design is to incorporate a design that keeps within the type of other security logos. This means keeping it looking professional and cooperate so that customers respect and can see the seriousness of the company.


Learning Outcomes to be Addressed
Consult the Unit Guide and list the Learning Outcomes and their associated codes here.


DGD220.LO3Develop techniques to extend capabilities in the design, balancing, or implementation of a print based media and or digital production project.

DGD220.L05 Demonstrate improvement on basic approaches and appropriate project methods for intermediate print based media and or digital design project outcomes.

DGD220.L06 Demonstrate independent research skills in creative industries, print based and or digital design production fields.


Use this section of the document to list your various milestones / draft stages. Your project must be broken down in to smaller sections.

Task one: Communication with the client on what they’re wanting for the logo design.

Task two: Create some sketches and email them to the client for feedback.

Task Three: After approval computerise the design with slight variations for the client.

Task Four: Send the client an email that includes the computerised version of the logo

Task Five: Await approval or changes if needed

Task Six: Send final to the client with all supporting documentation.


Fail-safes / Risk Mitigation
Risk Item Risk Mitigation Strategy
No contact from client Will continue on the task at hand for the client and await contact.
Loss of data Backup all files on many different devices such as USB, Desktop, Computer and Google Drive.
Illness Task will have to be put on hold until I am available to be able to work again.
Time issues Create a plan of attack that will allow myself to get everything done by a particular time.


Self-Direct Learning
Preliminary work: Simple sketches as a draft allow you to give an idea to the client of what the possibilities could be.


Balance: Balance is important in the logo design as a naturally balanced logo is very appealing. This involves keeping the weight of the graphics, colour and text equal on all sides.


Size: An effective logo has to look good in large and smaller formats. This is a skill that will need to be looked at in this project as the client in the future will be wanting more collateral with the same design.


Colour theory: I need to keep in mind the basic rules when using colours such as not using colours that can hurt the eyes, using colours near each other e.g. warm colours and the logo must look good in black in white as well as the colour.


The company: Knowledge in the type of company/client is very important as to design something for them I will first need to know what is expected. The company is in a particular industry and by this they have a particular style that can be seen.


Typography: Knowledge in the right type of font is important as it can make or break the design. Testing fonts is an easy way to understand what works well for example if you need a sans serif or serif font.




Measuring success

If the client approves the design throughout the design process and the final product

If the client has used the design in the website



I understand that any deviation to this project will require consultation with the Facilitator.  Any changes to the scope of the project must receive sign-off from staff before proceeding. I also acknowledge that by working in a group, I have made a commitment to my fellow members. I understand that I will be expected to undertake an equitable amount of work given the project scope. I also understand that if I do not maintain a satisfactory level of group participation I may not pass the assessment.


Name: Taylah Paper

Signed: Taylah Paper

Date: 17/06/2016

Trademark colour in advertising


A colour trade mark is part of the marking function of uniquely identifying a product, company or its services in a non-conventional manner. The colour is used within the company and in some cases in prohibited to be used anywhere else. This can be a tricky trademark however due to traditional colours used for companies and in representing things may not be trademarked but an icon using that specific icon can be.

Example One – Post It – Trademark canary yellow

In this ad the use of the trademarked canary yellow from the original sticky note is seen throughout. By using this colour throughout the video advertising it allows the company to show its brand without even having to show the name.

Example Two – Woolworths – Green

Woolworths fought for over twelve years for its trademark Pantone shade 348C green with BP’s attempt to use the same shade in their flower logo. Woolworths feature their green colour int he apple of their logo and throughout their ad in signage and animated birds.

Copy writing advertising examples


Example One – iPhone 5 advert – Works


The copyright involved in the campaign of the iPhone 5 works very well in keeping the higher quality of the product. The copyright in the advert of “The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone” gives the confidence about their product towards their customers in a higher class manner.

Example Two – Volkswagen – Plays on humour


The copyright in this advert includes more text than the usual quick two word line however it builds up the humor in supporting the product. This ad uses the humor successfully and gives a friendlier effect to the company itself.

Example Three – WWF – Plays on awareness and guilt


This advertising and copyright works very well in getting across the message in an awareness and guilt manner. This allows people to relate to a situation and also feel apart of the problem leading to them helping out the organisation.

Unique Selling Point – Five Example


A unique selling point is the factor that the company considers to make their product or service different from and better than the competition.

Arnott’s biscuits slogan – “There is no substitute for quality”


Devondale slogan – “The Aussie farmer co-op”

Devondale logo

Bunnings Warehouse – “Lowest prices are just the beginning”

Natures Way – “Quality vitamins and supplements for the whole family”logo

Pedigree – “You keep them happy, we’ll keep them healthy”


Three examples of prankvertising


Photoshop live retouch prank

The prankvertising conducted to advertising photoshop looked at taking civilians from the bus stop and photoshopping them anyway they wanted. This was a very well conducted prank because it didnt stray away from the product itself too much. The brand was featured as well as the creation day which was the true purpose of the prank.

Pub Public Toilet awareness prank

This prank involved the scare tactic allowing the person to be shocked with the awareness they were trying to get accross. The prank was for awareness of drink driving and in the video it features the mirror smashing with a person visable to show what could happen if they drove home from the pub. Although this tactic of scaring is a dramtic and straight to the point awareness alot of the people looked troubled and in shock afterwards.