Sustainability in Graphic Design


Simple definition of sustainability

Sustainability is the ability to maintain rates of renewable resources that don’t cause pollution or depletion.

Sustainability in Graphic Design

Graphic Design uses a wide variety of resources such as energy, water, paper, inks and packaging. By working in an industry that thrives on primarily non environmentally friendly products ways and products have been introduced to tackle the impact.

Eco design is one of the ways in order to minimize the impacts to the government from graphic design. This means that people can use designs sufficiently to be reused, have multiple uses and use paper and inks that are environmentally friendly.

How can i incorporate this into the current project?

Including less physical designs being printed for example the posters will be mostly across online platforms rather than being printed. This will also have a larger span than a mass amount of paper can reach seeings as it is an online purchased product. The packaging for the products are going to be made out of recycled cardboard for the look and also because it is a natural product.

Sustainable Printers

Eco Digital is a south east Queensland based printer that works with environmentally friendly products and services. This business works with environmentally friendly die cutting systems which are cut with a laser which inst expensive. This business does short runs which allows the price that isn’t out of this world.






For my portfolio I created one at the start of the trimester however after getting a few pointers, seeing other peoples as well as some templates on Pinterest I decided to alter it to something else that I really liked. I kept the style similar to the template style that I used for my project at the moment because I created that style and I feel the design really shows me.

The portfolio goes over about who I am and what I enjoy most from studying and being a graphic designer. I included beautiful imagery throughout as well as a lovely colour scheme for the different topic tabs. Every spread covers a different project that I’ve worked on. I decided to be very selective in what to put in after I was told that having less that is the best is better. I selected some of my best projects as well as some out side of class photography and work for clients.

Overall I really like how it is coming together so far. It is almost finished for the layout and I will keep some pages blank to add some more client work to.

Photo shoot



Over the week I’ve been taking photos of the product for my packing and testing it out and trailing to see what works and what doesn’t. Through this that I have that the more simplicity the photo is the more aesthetically pleasing it is. Have the simple photo of the plant for example in some of the photos listed below it leaves enough space for text, graphics and the logo.

I am planning on editing the photos in Lightroom to make he green colour of the plants to pop and just really stand out. This will blend well with the logo and overall have a nice naturally bright colour about the design.

Packaging research and measuring


I have done a lot of research online of the type of packaging that I want to include in the design for Urban Silva.

When I originally got the idea for this project I found the packing that I would really like to use as my inspiration. The packaging is a simple cardboard look with big stickers for he labelling. All of the parts of the DIY kit are separate and so every object needs it own packaging plus a box and back for all of them together.

Weeden packaging branding on Behance by Florence Libbrecht curated by Packaging Diva PD. A Brooklyn based brand of “inside gardening” looking for creating and owning terrariums and plants.:

What i enjoy most about this packaging is the way that it is very simple and incorporates a lot of white space. I did some research for some cheap packaging that I could measure and used for the project. I found some exactly in the colours and size and have been a great help into how it is made and will let me make up the template easier. I am now creating the template for the packaging and will work on this throughout the lesson.

Cross Discipline Collaboration


For my first cross discipline collaboration is for a web design students assignment. The task was to design a logo for the company Dinfosec which is a security company. The wants for the assignment was for it to include the colours blue and grey and to have hexagons as the main icon. The choice of type was completely up to me and i had free range of what artistically it would look like. The font that was chosen was called cubic and it was a font that the web designer found and loved. This was included in the final design and here is the mock up of the first one that i created for her. She enjoyed this one but prefers logos that have the type to the side of it so i tried this.


The second logo that i sent was one with the changes that were wanted. This one had smaller type and was to the side of the icon.


This is the final product of the logo that i created for the web design student. Through this process i had to do a lot of research into hexagon logos and i will include the link to the Pinterest page on that bellow.