Self Reflection – What worked and what didn’t in the project?

The project itself i found very easy to be organised and get everything done right throughout. Through the project i did find some aspects hard such as getting feedback and social media interaction. This is due to it not being a real business and getting a huge amount of responses when not offering anything.

I have been able to get a couple likes on my Facebook and Instagram account for Urban Silva but no interaction of comments have been so far made on any. This just makes it difficult trying to get that blog done however i will be putting those results in an hopefully some more people get involved in the future.

The rest of the project has gone smoothly and to plan with just a bit of catch up blogging being done.

For the cross discipline it hasn’t been doing as smoothly. The audio group we are working with have been lovely allowing us to take photos for the album cover however getting information out of them has been extremely difficult. We had to wait over two weeks for any information to go on the album which was time we could’ve been having the cover finished. We finally did get the information however after the requests of what they wanted it to look like were done they started changing their idea until it was completely opposite to what it originally was. We gave them the final product on Wednesday and they have still yet to get back to us so we will just have to see how that goes. This process just shows how clients cant always imagine what they want properly and therefore wasting time.


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