Review project plan and schedule

Through the trimester i have used an organised listing format to get my tasks done each week. I have been able to get everything done with the week that it was marked in however not always in the order that it is listed. I found that as long as i got it done in the week i listed it there was no dramas at all in that.

A lot of tasks were quicker than i expected for them do be so some weeks instead of just doing three tasks i was able to do five or six. This meant that i was able to do my desirables that i really wanted which was great. Overall the list kept to the same amount as listed however i will be doing some more desirables within this week to just make the project just that bit more awesome for my display.

My project plan kept to the same format as the beginning of the project. I had no drams with any aspects throughout the project which meant i didn’t need to enforce any of the risks etc in the project.


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