User Testing Results

Here is the link to the online survey
Do you think Urban Silva is suitable name for a succulent DIY kit company and why?(5 responses)
It’s different but I think it works. Cute little name for cute little plants
Yeah, it’s unique
I do like it, quite catchy but is perhaps not related enough to actual plants- could be a furniture company
Yes, it’s modern and unique!
Yes because it sounds cool
Do you think that the logo represents the company and why?(5 responses)
I do but if I saw the logo by itself, I don’t think I’d associate it with plants
Yes, the green in the logo emphasises a ‘green’ company
The green indicates it is perhaps to do with plants but maybe if the plus was replaced with a succulent
Yeah, the turquoise gives a nice touch and lettering is simple.
Yes because it looks calming like succulents
Are the colours effective in the logo and why?(5 responses)
This green is perfect and makes the brand name stand out more rather than it being all just one colour and boring
Yes because plants are green. Also, the silver/grey contrasts well with the green
Yes, simple is good and the green is nice
Yes you could imagine the logo on packaging or as a label.
Yes because it represents the colours of the succulents
Do you think that the typography matches the theme and style of the company and why?(5 responses)
Sleek, thin typography that goes well with the plant theme
Yes, the typography is modern and sleek like the companies product idea
Maybe a bit more of a flowy type would be nice for the succulents but I like that it’s clean, modern and sophisticated
It’s simple, easy to read and modern – which I guess matches succulents (they’re in right now, modern and they’re simple plants to keep)
Yes because it looks great
Would you enjoy photography based advertising with this logo and why?(4 responses)
Definitely! It needs a visual to go with the logo so viewers can get a glimpse of what the brand is about and plus, it’ll look pretty
Yes because the logo seems so sleek, it would be exciting to see photographs that matches the logo style
Yes, it gives more of a feel for what the company would offer.
Yes because it gives you an inside to what you are getting

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