Brand Engagement



After research brand engagement i found this website that outlines four aspects which allow a brand and customers to engage.

How can we measure customer engagement?

Successful engagement typically leads customers to one of these four actions:

  • respond to a campaign
  • purchase a product
  • remain a customer
  • recommend the brand

4 attributes of customer engagement

How can we increase the different types of engagement?

1. Active engagement: connect social, mobile and traditional channels

Active engagement requires customers’ activity on different channels. They provide you with feedback when asked, make the best use of your products or services and make suggestions on how to improve them.

  • Engage your own employees to activate customers as well
  • Modify processes to make them more flexible, reliable,  accessible and personal
  • Use the right technology to encourage participation in forums, peer-to-peer support communities and provide better user experiences

2. Emotional engagement: use transparency

The emotions associated with owning a product and with the interactions customers have with the organization, are key to successful brands. However, it’s very difficult to measure and modify an emotion. Customers who are emotionally engaged complain less, compliment more, buy more and will automatically be more likely to defend the brand on social media sites.

Since trust in big businesses has declined rapidly, rebuilding it will take a lot of effort. You can for examplerecommend a competitor’s product if they’re a better fit for the customer’s needs. This won’t increase sales but it will help people regain trust and hopefully long-term loyalty.

3. Rational engagement: have customers participate and make knowledge available

Rational engagement is the involvement of a customer in collecting detailed information on a product or service. Customers that know all about your products’ values, quality and details, will be more likely to take part in communities or engage in co-creation.

Customers like to buy with emotions, but they also want to justify their shopping spree with logic. Nowadays we see a shift in involvement from the customer in the buying process. Low involvement products (like Nike shoes) will be turned into high involvement purchases, where people can for example design their own Nikes. If you offer low-involvement products, why not turn them into high involvement-purchases?

4. Ethical engagement: demonstrate commitment with employees, partners, customers and community

Ethical engagement goes beyond a purely materialistic view of the world. Every organization has (or must have) a framework on how to deal with employees, partners, customers, suppliers and the rest of the world. This way a company might explain their views on sustainability or provide detailed insights in their manufacturing process.

 How will i incorporate brand engagement into Urban Silva?

For my brand engagement i wish to have them sharing images of their plants through the social media links on the thank you card that will be included in the kit. This will give the customers to option to hashtag their image and give other customers a real life veiw of the product that is not staged or campaigned.

This is an example of the type of card i wold want to brand engage with


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