Working with Cross disciple


Whilst working through cross discpline i found that some projects work very well where as others not so.

My first cross discpline work was a logo and the project worked very well through the use of the lcient knowing exactly what they wanted. This make the process very easy, nice and to the point which i loved.

My seccond project which was an album cover was working very well as we made a day to take original photography. The photography that Tara and I took worked very well and the client seemed to really like all of the stuff. However when it came to the designing part of the album cover there was trouble. The client wasnt very skilled in the types of style that was wanted and inspiration given to us was unable to be replicated due to popularity and copyright. However Tara and I did back and forth with versions of the project they didnt seem to ever aggree or in the last case look at the final product we made.

In the futre i am going to be shifty when it comes to audio student work as Tara and I were taking advantage of with them taking our photography and using it for their own gain. I wish to keep all files open to me only in the future so nobody but me can use them.


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