Social Media – Urban Silva


Urban Silva – Facebook page

The Urban Silva page was created for the social media aspect of the project. From once i created it the page has been quite popular. I have posted many things sch as posters, videos and photography which have all gotten likes and page views.

Even though the page wasn’t a successful as i wanted i do understand why due to it only being a university project and not a real business. In the future i would wish the page to be able to reach more people outside of my Facebook friends.

I could achieve reaching more people through other sources of advertising with fancier graphics, images etc.


Urban Silva – Instagram page

I really love how the Urban Silva Instagram page has turned out. The page features beautiful photography and advertising. I found the Instagram not to be as effective with interaction however people do like the photos which does lead them to the page.




Non Disclosure


What is a non disclosure agreement?

A non disclosure agreement or NDA is used as a document do keep confidential information safe. This document is to be used when both parties wish to disclose information which ensures no third parties have access. This agreement can also specify the terms in which the business shares its information with other people.

Example of a non disclosure agreement

This document shows the process of the non disclosure agreement in the way of having both parties sign in order to advocate how information should be spread.

How would i use a non disclosure agreement?

NDA’s in graphic design could be used for making things such as business plans, software, test data, reports, marketing plans an advertising confidential. Having these objects made confidential is very important for the running of the business. Urban Silva could use a NDA to keep the approaches to the market confidential.



Brand Engagement



After research brand engagement i found this website that outlines four aspects which allow a brand and customers to engage.

How can we measure customer engagement?

Successful engagement typically leads customers to one of these four actions:

  • respond to a campaign
  • purchase a product
  • remain a customer
  • recommend the brand

4 attributes of customer engagement

How can we increase the different types of engagement?

1. Active engagement: connect social, mobile and traditional channels

Active engagement requires customers’ activity on different channels. They provide you with feedback when asked, make the best use of your products or services and make suggestions on how to improve them.

  • Engage your own employees to activate customers as well
  • Modify processes to make them more flexible, reliable,  accessible and personal
  • Use the right technology to encourage participation in forums, peer-to-peer support communities and provide better user experiences

2. Emotional engagement: use transparency

The emotions associated with owning a product and with the interactions customers have with the organization, are key to successful brands. However, it’s very difficult to measure and modify an emotion. Customers who are emotionally engaged complain less, compliment more, buy more and will automatically be more likely to defend the brand on social media sites.

Since trust in big businesses has declined rapidly, rebuilding it will take a lot of effort. You can for examplerecommend a competitor’s product if they’re a better fit for the customer’s needs. This won’t increase sales but it will help people regain trust and hopefully long-term loyalty.

3. Rational engagement: have customers participate and make knowledge available

Rational engagement is the involvement of a customer in collecting detailed information on a product or service. Customers that know all about your products’ values, quality and details, will be more likely to take part in communities or engage in co-creation.

Customers like to buy with emotions, but they also want to justify their shopping spree with logic. Nowadays we see a shift in involvement from the customer in the buying process. Low involvement products (like Nike shoes) will be turned into high involvement purchases, where people can for example design their own Nikes. If you offer low-involvement products, why not turn them into high involvement-purchases?

4. Ethical engagement: demonstrate commitment with employees, partners, customers and community

Ethical engagement goes beyond a purely materialistic view of the world. Every organization has (or must have) a framework on how to deal with employees, partners, customers, suppliers and the rest of the world. This way a company might explain their views on sustainability or provide detailed insights in their manufacturing process.

 How will i incorporate brand engagement into Urban Silva?

For my brand engagement i wish to have them sharing images of their plants through the social media links on the thank you card that will be included in the kit. This will give the customers to option to hashtag their image and give other customers a real life veiw of the product that is not staged or campaigned.

This is an example of the type of card i wold want to brand engage with



Here is my budget that i have created for Urban Silva. It is a rough estimate of the costs however in real life this could definitely be more expensive.


This budget goes over the basics which i need to be able to have all of the collateral ready for the exhibition. These costs are for high end printing and organised product where as i will be finding better and cheaper alternatives for my display. The basic things i went over were packaging, business cards, posters and stickers. For online i went over the costs of the video and social media and finally the people creating the content such as photographers and editors.



Self Reflection – What worked and what didn’t in the project?

The project itself i found very easy to be organised and get everything done right throughout. Through the project i did find some aspects hard such as getting feedback and social media interaction. This is due to it not being a real business and getting a huge amount of responses when not offering anything.

I have been able to get a couple likes on my Facebook and Instagram account for Urban Silva but no interaction of comments have been so far made on any. This just makes it difficult trying to get that blog done however i will be putting those results in an hopefully some more people get involved in the future.

The rest of the project has gone smoothly and to plan with just a bit of catch up blogging being done.

For the cross discipline it hasn’t been doing as smoothly. The audio group we are working with have been lovely allowing us to take photos for the album cover however getting information out of them has been extremely difficult. We had to wait over two weeks for any information to go on the album which was time we could’ve been having the cover finished. We finally did get the information however after the requests of what they wanted it to look like were done they started changing their idea until it was completely opposite to what it originally was. We gave them the final product on Wednesday and they have still yet to get back to us so we will just have to see how that goes. This process just shows how clients cant always imagine what they want properly and therefore wasting time.



Review project plan and schedule

Through the trimester i have used an organised listing format to get my tasks done each week. I have been able to get everything done with the week that it was marked in however not always in the order that it is listed. I found that as long as i got it done in the week i listed it there was no dramas at all in that.

A lot of tasks were quicker than i expected for them do be so some weeks instead of just doing three tasks i was able to do five or six. This meant that i was able to do my desirables that i really wanted which was great. Overall the list kept to the same amount as listed however i will be doing some more desirables within this week to just make the project just that bit more awesome for my display.

My project plan kept to the same format as the beginning of the project. I had no drams with any aspects throughout the project which meant i didn’t need to enforce any of the risks etc in the project.



How could i improve on my creative practice?

Through the weeks i have been working on my tasks and having everything organised reading for the final week of trimester. I have found myself using all of the programs and techniques i usually see however in the future i wold like to go out of my current state of practice and learn some more techniques.

Through this i could evolve my design style, abilities as well as have an array of different contents for my portfolio. I could achieve this through keeping up to date with latest trends through design magazines, blogs and other online resources. Pinterest is a great outlet i find to be able to see new designs and styles I’ve never come across before. I could take this further and involve these weird and wacky design styles through my projects.

Through this research i could improve my overall skills which will help me in the long run in the industry.

Slogan for Urban Silva


Through research i have found a wide variety of succulent places often haven’t got a slogan for their business however other places such as flower shops and gardening places have slogans. These slogan focus around aspects such as growth, life and colours.

For Urban Silva the slogan i have created is “Building indoor life” which i chose because it is a DIY kit which is a building and learning process. It is all focused on indoor gardening throughout the business and will keep it in tie with everything. I think these words would look very nice with the type of style throughout this project.

User Testing Results

Here is the link to the online survey
Do you think Urban Silva is suitable name for a succulent DIY kit company and why?(5 responses)
It’s different but I think it works. Cute little name for cute little plants
Yeah, it’s unique
I do like it, quite catchy but is perhaps not related enough to actual plants- could be a furniture company
Yes, it’s modern and unique!
Yes because it sounds cool
Do you think that the logo represents the company and why?(5 responses)
I do but if I saw the logo by itself, I don’t think I’d associate it with plants
Yes, the green in the logo emphasises a ‘green’ company
The green indicates it is perhaps to do with plants but maybe if the plus was replaced with a succulent
Yeah, the turquoise gives a nice touch and lettering is simple.
Yes because it looks calming like succulents
Are the colours effective in the logo and why?(5 responses)
This green is perfect and makes the brand name stand out more rather than it being all just one colour and boring
Yes because plants are green. Also, the silver/grey contrasts well with the green
Yes, simple is good and the green is nice
Yes you could imagine the logo on packaging or as a label.
Yes because it represents the colours of the succulents
Do you think that the typography matches the theme and style of the company and why?(5 responses)
Sleek, thin typography that goes well with the plant theme
Yes, the typography is modern and sleek like the companies product idea
Maybe a bit more of a flowy type would be nice for the succulents but I like that it’s clean, modern and sophisticated
It’s simple, easy to read and modern – which I guess matches succulents (they’re in right now, modern and they’re simple plants to keep)
Yes because it looks great
Would you enjoy photography based advertising with this logo and why?(4 responses)
Definitely! It needs a visual to go with the logo so viewers can get a glimpse of what the brand is about and plus, it’ll look pretty
Yes because the logo seems so sleek, it would be exciting to see photographs that matches the logo style
Yes, it gives more of a feel for what the company would offer.
Yes because it gives you an inside to what you are getting

Typographic Research


The first aspect that i tried was different typography. These are the first ones that i looked at when trying to see what the overall style and theme of the company would be.

The fonts originally i was looking at earthy and following handwritten fonts however they become very difficult, limited and typical when it comes to logos and advertising. The final product that i decided on was a simple tall and thin font which has surrounding graphics, colour and is not typical to the theme of the company.