Working with Cross disciple


Whilst working through cross discpline i found that some projects work very well where as others not so.

My first cross discpline work was a logo and the project worked very well through the use of the lcient knowing exactly what they wanted. This make the process very easy, nice and to the point which i loved.

My seccond project which was an album cover was working very well as we made a day to take original photography. The photography that Tara and I took worked very well and the client seemed to really like all of the stuff. However when it came to the designing part of the album cover there was trouble. The client wasnt very skilled in the types of style that was wanted and inspiration given to us was unable to be replicated due to popularity and copyright. However Tara and I did back and forth with versions of the project they didnt seem to ever aggree or in the last case look at the final product we made.

In the futre i am going to be shifty when it comes to audio student work as Tara and I were taking advantage of with them taking our photography and using it for their own gain. I wish to keep all files open to me only in the future so nobody but me can use them.


Personal Branding Ideas


For the personal branding i decided to sketch out my ideas from inspiration and logos i saw online. My branding was a hard process for me and it took a while to find something that looked right with my name and my design style.

My sketches started out with basic shapes and ideas to try and find my style. The final one i went with was an idea that looked like a bookmark with spacing my name in order to be able to get it to fit nicely.

This is the final design for my personal branding and in order to mix it up i made it into a stamp which i can change the ink colour and stamp it onto different surfaces.


Gallery Walk


About a week ago we had a gallery walk for our projects mine being Urban Silva and the self promotion one for my own branding.

The feedback was good however it is too late to change anything in the project and this would’ve been better if it was done at an earlier stage in time.

I would make changes to the stuff that i haven’t finished/printed however anything that is i wont be changing.

image2 (3)

Social Media Advertising


For the social media i wanted that company to focus’s on ones that are mostly image based which is why i went with places like pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

The ┬áInstagram post bellow focus’s on the imagery as the poster and the logo. Its simple and is a great start to the Instagram account.


This is the Facebook banner i created for the page. Its the simple imagery as well as colours so it ties in with the rest of the campaign and style.FACEBOOK BANNER

A1 Poster


This is the A1 poster that i have designed for Urban Silva. I’ve had this poster printed in the A1 size for the exhibition as well in a matte finish and it really looks good.

This poster represents the company through the imagery and the colours. I really enjoy how this poster has turned out as it fits perfectly to the style of the business.


Three examples of prankvertising


Photoshop live retouch prank

The prankvertising conducted to advertising photoshop looked at taking civilians from the bus stop and photoshopping them anyway they wanted. This was a very well conducted prank because it didnt stray away from the product itself too much. The brand was featured as well as the creation day which was the true purpose of the prank.

Pub Public Toilet awareness prank

This prank involved the scare tactic allowing the person to be shocked with the awareness they were trying to get accross. The prank was for awareness of drink driving and in the video it features the mirror smashing with a person visable to show what could happen if they drove home from the pub. Although this tactic of scaring is a dramtic and straight to the point awareness alot of the people looked troubled and in shock afterwards.